Photographs and Memories

 By: Carl Brackin Jr.

Written for “The Tuscumbian”

May, 2012

            Between a childhood of being interested in cameras out of pure curiosity: How they worked, having torn up one or maybe two of what was later found out to be an “expensive camera” of some relative…….oops…!!!……. and the present, I developed a desire to use one with the proper intent, also to have a different curiosity as to what came out of a camera.

My parents always had several large albums of photographs that were constantly looked at by both themselves and me. Before having computers available on which to store images electronically, to look at photographs, one had to actually have the strength to carry one of those albums around. They were large and heavy. In them were photos of my parents, their parents, their parents-parents, assorted aunts, uncles, cousins, other distant relatives, long dead. My sister, brother, and I could also be seen in various locations and predicaments. Everyday life, vacations, school photos, the family car, pets: Candid, sometimes un-posed images all tied together by the fact that they were of “family”. Stories were told of many of them that were still known, though many even having names, dates, locations written on them that, even then, had no meaning to my parents. History, as I understood it was being lost to the progression of time itself.

Many times I sat there, imagining who all of these people could be: what they did, where they lived, how they earned a living: The things one can wonder about, the things beyond the photographs themselves. There were stories…narrative descriptions  …composed of words to be written, words that needed to be written about these people and their lives, so that “family” could continue unbroken, ties would continue as an enrichment to our own lives.

That is partially why I am here, but not only do I want my own family to be rediscovered, I know that the bigger ‘family” that I was brought up in, the place where I was raised for most of my life, this community, also needs to be and can be rediscovered.

There is a history, of this town and area, similar to and yet unlike any others to be found elsewhere. This place was pivotal, for better or worse, in the movement west and the establishment of early frontier. We have had prosperity, war, poverty, feuds, sickness, presidents, senators, actors, baseball players, war heroes, and untold other stories, that need to be told. They need to be told by others that can still tell them or have had them told to them by those who experienced them.

We ask, here on this page, for those stories, stories that can be read here, printed out and shared, without restriction, among others. We need you, our readers to make this happen by becoming contributors of this wealth of history.

For me, it all started with photographs, then stories, others, through stories alone. Perhaps, among you, there are those who have mementos of Tuscumbia that you could talk about, even if you no ancient story to go with them. There may be others here that could shed light on your discoveries. The important thing is that if you enjoy this blog it will need people, like you, to contribute and share more of these stories.

We appreciate your caring…….

The moderators of “The Tuscumbian”

Articles wanted for ‘The Tuscumbian’: Will you volunteer for one or do one of your choosing?
* Dr. Davis
* Trenholm closing: Someone who was going to school there when it closed.
* Tuscumbia’s version of Hatfield and McCoy feuds
* Have you restored one of the historic or older homes in town, some of the history about    it and what you had to go through during the remodel
* Memories of businesses long gone.
* History of Hope Haven
* The Blacksmith shop
* Ice plant
*Who’s JED sidewalk maker?
*Your family history in Tuscumbia
*Davis Dry Goods.
*Morris Motors
*Preacher Darby
*Hoskins Feed Store
*5 & 10
* Tuscumbian Theater

* Strand Theater

* Bijou Silent Movie Theater

* Any other theater in town

* The Railroad – Tuscumbia Landing

* Famous Citizens

If you have an itch to write something, contact us for e-mail addresses. If including pictures, please put in the article where u want the pictures.

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One Response to Photographs and Memories

  1. Sonia Milam says:

    Would love to have more info on the Old Cartiff Hotel downtown Tuscumbia..

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