Photo of the Day — June 4, 2012

By Bob McIlwain


The Tuscumbian

The attached photos were made in the late afternon just at sundown on June 4, 2012 south of Tuscumbia. I was standing by the pasture fence looking at steeres when I saw this formation to the west-NW.  The funnel stayed visable for a short period of time and disappeared into the clouds.  No warnings were issued.

**Photos made and copyrighted by Bob McIlwain and may not be reproduced without his permission

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2 Responses to Photo of the Day — June 4, 2012

  1. Janet Smallwood says:

    Love these photos. We own the no3 COMMERCIAL ROW BUILDING at 104 west 5th st.. wish you had some info on it..We don’t know what it was before.

    • The Commerical Row will be in next years Tuscumbia calendar. I have a picture of the horse and carriage in front of it during the Dickens ya’ll Christmas. Let’s ask that question on Remember Tuscumbia on Facebook.

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