Plantation Christmas 2012

Photos by Mary Carton for The Tuscumbian

Belle Mont (Isaac Winston House): Built circa 1828 by Dr. Alexander Mitchell, this home exhibits Jeffersonian-Palladian architecture, rare in Alabama. It is thought that Thomas Jefferson or one of his associates influenced its design and its hilltop setting.  The house features a two-story central pavilion with flanking wings embracing a courtyard. Isaac and Catherine Winston acquired the home in 1832 and it remained in this family for many years.

The annual Plantation Christmas at Belle Mont mansion in Tuscumbia, Alabama took place on December 02, 2012.  The event sponsored by the Colbert County Landmarks Foundation is a major fundraise

r for the restoration of this proud home.



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4 Responses to Plantation Christmas 2012

  1. Jan Caudill says:

    Love all of your pictures. They would mean even more if you would name (known) people in the pictures. Thanks for all your efforts. I know this is a lot of work

  2. Janice M. Williams says:

    Just Beautiful Thelma!!! 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note™, an AT&T LTE smartphoneThe Tuscumbian wrote:

  3. Grace says:

    Enjoyed the pictures,Cartree!

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