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Welcome to the The Tuscumbian  

Colbert County Courthouse

The Tuscumbian’ is named after the old theater down town. This is a community blog for family history, Tuscumbia stories, Colbert County stories,  share photos, memories,  early business and community leaders of Tuscumbia and surrounding Towns and Communities of Colbert County.

Tuscumbia Depot

I recently found out I had a great uncle killed in WWI whose legacy didn’t get past down. That’s the reason for this blog.  If you would like to post a story, you can e-mail it to:




We will put a copyright in your name for any photo’s submitted and that no using your photo w/o your permission. If you do not have copyrights to a photo, please provide the source of the photo. Just like in my family’s case, history not past down is lost.If you have a family or history story you would like to share on ‘The Tuscumbian’ this is your site.  Please contact us.  Remember history not told is history lost.


3 Responses to About, share your story

  1. Grant Posey says:

    Does anyone have any information about the Barton House that was razed to buiild the A&P on the corner of Main and First streets, now a Food Land(?). I was in it many times as a child and have fond memories of the beautiful mansion.

  2. Grant Posey says:

    Thank you. I will post the question on the website.

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